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Doris Peters

  Doris is part of the duo "Two Art Chicks", and is in the white top.  

  Her subjects seem to be as varied as the colors in her artist palette--birds, buildings, seahorses, castle hallways, and more. Her curiosity about history, art, science, and literature is projected into her art.

  She enjoys experimenting, specifically watercolor, and discovering all the possibilities that the temperamental nature of water mixed with paint will allow. As a retired English teacher, she used to tell her students that the best ideas are “stolen”, meaning that they should read each other’s work and the works of great writers to improve their own writing skills. She tries to do the same (don’t worry copyright police).She loves to visit art galleries, read what other artists have to say about their paintings, and paints with other artists at every opportunity. And sometimes she asks her husband for suggestions concerning her Dmost recent art projects, “bad idea,” she says.

  Art is embedded in the human experience. From prehistoric cave paintings to murals on city buildings, we have a need to create, to explain who we are, to make sense of the world. So, let’s paint. 

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