Leanne Pizio was born in Burlington, NC and grew up with 3 sisters, 2 wonderful parents and many fun  animals.She went to UNC- Chapel Hill and graduated with a B.A. in Art and a B.A. in Psychology. Later she attended UNC-Greensboro and received an M.F.A. Leanne is now a ceramic artist working in Oak Ridge, NC. Concentrating on surface design and most of the work is carved. Her functional pottery is thrown on a kick wheel using white stoneware clay. The pots are then covered in a colored clay paint called slip. After the slip dries, she carves whimsical animals and characters and landscapes into a design that covers the surface of the pot. The pots are left to dry and then fired an electric kiln.  She enjoys working on multiple series of work and no pot is ever the same. All pieces are functional, dinnerware and microwave safe.