Silver, Pyrite, and Amethyst Abstract Pendant Necklace

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This one of a kind necklace features a slim silver curl that ends in embedded Amethyst stones with a slight design in pyrite above the inlay. 

 This piece has been lovingly handcrafted in the heart of Appalachia and is a one of a kind piece. H. R. Cook, who currently lives in Tazewell, Virginia, learned to silversmith from his Navajo wife’s family, while living in Arizona. Among them were several world renowned silversmiths who taught him design, casting, inlay, shadow box and overlay methods.

Gemology is a passion to which H.R. has devoted much time and study. As a skilled lapidary, he often uses gems from his huge collection, cuts and polishes them to create his modern mosaic designs as cuffs and pendants, blending the best of both lapidary and native silversmithing.

Artist: H. R. Cook

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